The TC3 series is the expression of O.M.G.’s cutting-edge technology. This system of heads is used for transmitting high powers on large units, rotational-translating, machines with automatic head change. Sturdy, strong, of heavy weight (up to 900 kg) they have no restrictions as regards use excepting those of all machine tools.

The body, normally made of spheroidal cast iron, encloses all the ground kinematic mechanism, with forced and pressurised lubrication. Various types of spindles are available on this type of head and, among these, especially appropriate are those supported by precision oblique contact bearings suitable for drilling operations without tool jigs, boring, milling; in this case, inside the head are two types of lubrication - oil for the helical gears with ground involute and grease for all the spindle units. This series can also be equipped with tool jigs on moving or fixed columns, coolant feeders passing through the centre of the tool.

Many machine tools could not operate without these multiple heads and the quality of machining operations depends on their precision alone, to the extent that they could be considered “machine tools” in their own right.

TC3 system

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