The Big Technology for the Big Industry


The angle heads exhibited here are designed and built to satisfy the tooling requirements of very large machines used in a variety of industries: Heavy goods vehicles, Aeronautics, Shipping, Military, Railroad, Energy, Moulds and Automotive.

The applied technology, the materials, the parts and assembly all ensure top levels; the certified static and dynamic tests guarantee the best possible performance over time. The main features of these products may be summarised as follows:

  • body made of cast iron to ensure maximum precision and stability
  • motion transmitted by means of Gleason ground in volute gears. The transmission ratio is normally 1:1, but it may be in both multiplication and in reduction based on torque transmission requirements
  • standard tool-holder couplings: DIN69871 - DIN 2080 - BT - HSK - Coromant Capto® or others on request
  • the tool holder can be locked on the spindle in two ways: manually or automatically
  • the coolant may be supplied in the centre of the tool holder. The pressure currently reached is 70 Bar and the tool holder is cleaned with air. Whatever the case, there are always some turning nozzles around the spindle. Furthermore, the spindle is always pressurised 
  • spindle oblique contact precision bearings lubricated with long life grease
  • gears normally lubricated with grease. For high speeds, the lubrication system is oil circulation
  • all the electrical control devices are inside the head and are easily accessed.

BAH Series

The Big Technology for the Big Industry

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