Angle heads


O.M.G. offers a wide range of Angle Heads. With more than 110 models and almost 4000 if we consider all the possible options, what O.M.G. has is the most wide range on the market today. The Angle Heads are designed to allow a reduction in time and costs in mechanical processing by reducing the management of the pieces to be machined. Applied on traditional machines, machining centers with automatic tool change, or turning centers with motorized turret, they are extremely meticulous in details, from the heat-treated kinematics to the Gleason bevel gear pairs up to the precision bearings to obtain and guarantee excellent rigidity and maximum precision in machining

Among many, these are the two fundamental characteristics to identify a modern product that responds to current needs: the newly designed anti-rotating group which allows the head to have no angular backlash, the speeds up to 10,000 rpm (performances which have no equal in the models competitive equivalents). The TA series angle heads have been studied and defined using cutting-edge computerized systems to support knowledge acquired by O.M.G. in sixty years of experience. All this has allowed us to make innovative choices in construction materials, heat treatments and mechanical processes so as to obtain precision, robustness, rigidity and “top” finishing.

A unique offer is thus available in terms of quality and quantity of models designed to satisfy the increasingly targeted needs of the end user, for any machine tool: 90° single-spindle heads, 90° double-spindle heads, +90 variable angle heads ° to -90°, fixed angle heads, also with tool center coolant supply and, where it is not possible to use standard heads, special angular heads.

TA Series

Angle heads

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