Adjustable twin mulispindle milling head


The adjustable multispindle heads TSI and TSX series with two parallel or convergent spindles are suitable to mill and to chamfering the gear teeth. This is a solid, compact, reliable unit that also has a nice look.

The adjustable multispindle heads TSI and TSX series have many different features among which:

  • an aluminum body;
  • cast iron spindle support, simply and easy adjusted by the operator;
  • the spindles may turn in the same direction or in opposite direction and the adjustment of both spindles is achieved thanks to a single act. The tool connection may be cylindric or with spring collets. The lubrication is by long life grease.

The production of our twin adjustable multispindle head was made possible thanks to the experience acquired in the construction of multispindle heads, our knowledge of production process and our ability to know how to cater for individual requirements with qualified products.

TSI-TSX Series

Adjustable twin mulispindle milling head

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